Tree Surgeon in Dunstable

Many people may not see the importance of hiring the services of a tree surgeon in Dunstable. While many people may ignore its relevance, tree maintenance has, in fact, valuable benefits to the life of trees surrounding you. These benefits include;

1.    Keeping trees healthy

Pruning trees is important in the removal of dead and dying branches as well as stimulation of-of new growth by enhancing overall sunlight penetration and air circulation. Elimination of weak spots also helps to prevent the worsening of any existing damage which could result in the death of the entire tree.

2.    Eliminates potential safety hazards

Healthy trees are less likely to fall victims of storms, destructive winds, snow and ice and that keeps your as well as your pocket safe from having to deal with any costly damage. While tree surgeons cannot prevent tree damages from occurring such as from a storm which is beyond their prevention, they can, however, minimize the impact through keeping the trees pruned or even dead wood removal.

Tree pruning and maintenance can be a dangerous task that’s why it’s important to hire a professional tree service that has the technical knowhow of the work and also the right tools.

3.    Improves the overall appearance

Tree maintenance improves the overall appearance an structure of the trees keeping them from developing weak/broad branches and growing weak branches that cross each other and competing for space.

4.    Adds property value

The value of your home and property can increase substantially when your trees, as well as the lawn, are aesthetically pleasing.

At Tree-specific, our experts are trained to assess on how your trees and shrubs should be pruned based on their size, type, location and overall appearance. We are happy to look at your property, answer questions and provide our honest opinions. Give us a call or also visit for more information.