Holidays to Camps Bay South Africa

For your birthday this year you have decided to take your friends and family to Table Mountain in South Africa – you have always wanted to take in the fantastic views and enjoy the salt air from the Atlantic. But where will all of you stay? Where can you get accommodation that you will all fit, have great views and relax in style? Have you thought about booking a self catering villa?
Self catering is becoming the way to go on holiday for many. Rather than stay in a hotel where there is no privacy and where they pay extravagant sums they choose to rent a villa that is fully furnished and has everything that they need for a wonderful holiday. These villas make a lot of sense because they cost a lot less than staying in hotels. They are called self catering because you prepare your own meals. This can be a big help when you are travelling as a group. You will not have to pay for expensive hotel meals and you can prepare meals and have parties whenever you want. Is there a better way to enjoy your birthday this year?
As you look into self catering accommodation check how many bedrooms you will get – not all of the villas are spacious enough. If you will be bringing along a large group you should find a villa or cottage that has at least 3 bedrooms – there are some that have 4 pr 5. There should be several bathrooms and bedrooms throughout the property and the kitchen should be fully fitted. There should also be help available in case you need someone to assist with cooking and cleaning.
Try Camps Bay – it is one of the best villas neat Table Mountain, with excellent accommodation and helpful staff. Find out more on their website,

Published in My Blog by Savannah Rodriquez.