Affordable Accommodation in Camps Bay

You have wanted to visit Camps Bay for a while now but the cost of accommodation has stood in your way – it is a popular tourist location and hotels are quite expensive. You should consider taking a self catered trip. Self catering is becoming a popular way of holidaying for many families, and it is easy to see why. Not only is it cheaper, it comes with a host of other benefits that you wouldn’t get if you were staying in a hotel. Consider the following:
•    You will get much more spacious accommodations. Unlike a hotel where you are limited to a suite or a double suit, at Camps Bay you will a villa that has 5 bedrooms that can sleep 10 which is fully furnished and has everything that you would need to make the most of your holiday.
•    Many people prefer not to go to hotels because of the meals – they are forced to stick to a limited menu, and if they want something special they have to place a special order and pay a lot of money for it. Not at Camps Bay – you prepare your own meals which means that you can eat whatever you want.
•    You also don’t have to worry about what time meals will be served, unlike in hotels where you are limited to a fixed meal schedule. If you want to go out until late in the night or sleep into the morning you can do it without worrying that you will miss a meal.
•    All the extra room means that you can bring your family along for just a fraction of the money that it would cost you to put them up at a hotel.
You can find out how to book one of the best villas at Camps bay on 60 Hely Hutchinson at

Published in My Blog by Savannah Rodriquez.